The Plants And Foods Where Resveratrol Is Found
As has been pointed out numerous times in the past-resveratrol is a naturally occuring chemical found in a selection of plants and foods. Unless you take a resveratrol supplement (highly recommended), you will only be able to acquire the substance by eating and ingesting a selection of fruits and wines-because these are the only places where the chemical is ctually found!

Let’s take a look at few totally natural sources of resveratrol, and see whether or not you would be able to get enough of the substance by solely consuming these product alone.

Wines and Grape Juices

Red wine has been touted as having numerous health benefits (when drunk in moderation), for many years. It is now the case that scientific backing is able to prove the connection between red wine and health / longevity. Why? Well, read wine has a certainly level of resveratrol in it-because of the process in which wine is made.

Hence, by drinking a glass of red wine each and every day-you could in fact by doing your system a favor! As for grape juices-they do indeed contain impressive levels of resveratrol as well, however not to the extent that red wine does. Therefore, unless you are taking a resveratrol supplement-it is highly recommended that you drink a glass of red (not white) wine each and every evening.

Foods With Resveratrol

Some of the following foods may actually be surpring to you. Obviously, grapes and anything with a red skin is likely contain a trace of resveratrol. However, do you ever consider than peanuts-and hence peanut butter-is actually a carrier of the natural chemical? Whilst this may come as a surprise to many people, it is indeed true that peanut better, eaten on a regular basis, can provide your body with just a tiny bit of resveratrol-but still enough to be measured in a blood test?

Of course, this article is not a recommendation to eat more peanut butter, as there are other compounds in here which may be detremental to your health. However, it does go to show that indeed a few of the products you thought were just plain bad for you, actually do have a little bit of good within them.