Skin Cancer Could Be Combatted By Resveratrol

With everyone talking about the health benefits of resveratrol these days, very few of them focus on the most powerful property of the natural chemical – it’s anti-radioactive compounds. For a long time, exposure to radiation has been a problem because of the risk of cell mutation in our bodies. Humans are simply not designed to be exposed to high levels of radiation, and even the sun is too much for some people.

Therefore, it comes as a major scientific breakthrough that a substance found in plants and some foods is able to protect our bodies (on a cellular level) from the dangers of radiation. Of course, this is certainly not to say that ingestion of the substance will allow you to take unnecessary risks, such as tanning in the sun for hours on end. However, given the general levels of radiation we face each and every day – this might be the level of radiation we can be protected from.


It’s Called Resveratrol
This mysterious substance is called resveratrol, and it is not produced actively by the human body. This means that if we want to build up levels of resveratrol in our system, we need to acquire it from an external source.

There are a number of possibilities when it comes to this. Here are two of the most popular:
1. Eating foods with high levels of resveratrol
These foods include berries, grapes, peanuts, and red wine. Most of us probably consumer at least one of these items, but not nearly as often as we need to in order to build up a decent level of resveratrol in our system.

2. Taking a supplement with resveratrol as the key ingredient
There are a number of nutritional supplements out there on the market which allow you to take in the recommended levels of this chemical on a daily basis. By providing a regular supply of resveratrol to you body, you are in effect gradually supporting the protection of your cells from the extremes that we weren’t meant to encounter.

Supplements are readily found on the internet, and in health shops. An excellent benefit of resveratrol products is that they are not overly priced, even though the health benefits exceed those of other more expensive products. This allows the consumer to get a better value for money than most other supplements would offer – lemonade diet.

Say Goodbye To Alzheimers Disease With Resveratrol
Neurodenegerative diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons diseases affect millions of people around the world.The problem with these issues is that they begin in the brain well before the effects of them are felt. Hence, whilst the symptoms may develop in later life and in old age, the process of the degeneration may have started a decade or so ago.


This is particularly unfortunate in the world of science, because it means that treatments options are relatively ineffective if started at a late stage.

Even with the advanced chemically produced drugs that doctors can prescribe to attempt to slow the rate of progress of such a disease the best way to ensure that you don’t suffer from such an illness is to take steps to completely avoid the onset of the disease. How do you do this? Well, here is one idea.

Resveratrol As A Preventative Measure
Resveratrol is an excelent precautionary medication, because it has a whole host of effects on the body, and at the same time allows you to prevent many conditions from arising. One such condition is Alzheimers disease, which resveratrol has been proven to prevent.

How does it do this? Well, the reason why such diseases strike is because of a build up of what is known in the medical world as “brain plaque”. Resveratrol works be preventing the accumulation of brain plaque, and hence allowing patients to continue their lives as normal without the worry of such an event occuring.

In clincial studies, it was shown that up to 80% of participants had a reduction in the rate of brain plaque accumulation, which meant they would be able to escape the grip of a degenerative brain disease in later life, or at least delay its onset by a number of years.

Clearly, this is a hugely beneficial treatment options therefore, along with the numerous other benefits that people are experiencing from resveratrol.

It’s All Thanks To A Plant
Who would have thought that such a positive chemical could be found in a plant? Indeed, resveratrol is a naturally produced chemical found in plants only when they are under threat from an external source.

By working to protect the plants cells, the natural chemical is able to increase the plants life span, and hence allow it to weather the oncoming threat for longer.